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hogwarts // post-potter, circa 2021
established may 2018
welcome to lumos in the dark we are a shipper app, no word count post potter roleplay set in the year 2021. we're so excited to have you! please register with an OC account first, then your character's account with first, middle, and last name with proper capitalization!
06/06 official opening!
05/27 soft opening!

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  • Any student part of Gryffindor house

  • hufflepuff

  • Any student part of Hufflepuff house

  • ravenclaw

  • Any student part of Ravenclaw house

  • slytherin

  • Any student part of Slytherin house

  • professor

  • This group is for any professor that teaches at Hogwarts. For a full list of classes professors can teach, please check out the faculty claim.

  • school staff

  • This group is for any other staff member at Hogwarts that is NOT a professor. These can also be found on the faculty claim.

  • ministry

  • Any adult witch or wizard who works for the Ministry of Magic belongs to this group. This includes the Minister/Mistress of Magic, Aurors, and many more.

  • healer

  • Any adult witch or wizard that currently works at St. Mungo's or other locations with a focus in ailments and healing.

  • shop owner

  • Any adult witch or wizard who owns a shop. These can be any of the shops in Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, or Hogsmeade. Other shops are an option, but must pertain to the magical community.

  • magizoologist

  • Any adult witch or wizard who upholds the rights and quality of life for magical creatures. They also study these creatures to learn new things.

  • adult

  • This is any adult witch or wizard that does not fit into one of the other categories. This may be someone who works in a shop but does not own it, some kind of apprentice, or otherwise.
  • Sara with Sara!    May 4 2018, 02:35 AM
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