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hogwarts // post-potter, circa 2021
established may 2018
welcome to lumos in the dark we are a shipper app, no word count post potter roleplay set in the year 2021. we're so excited to have you! please register with an OC account first, then your character's account with first, middle, and last name with proper capitalization!
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 Plot & Setting
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    plot & setting


    Opinions. Everyone has one. They're never considered fact, but sometimes even the strongest opinion can have the biggest influence. Right now the wizarding world is in a state of conflict. There are those who threaten to expose the magical community to the rest of the world. The strongest voices are the Squibs. Born and raised into both worlds, but never fitting properly into either one, they demand the boundaries be broken. They want to attend a magic school, but remain part of the muggle world too. They insist there is no need for separation anymore, but there are those who would argue otherwise.

    The Ministry of Magic refuses to meet their demands, but they have offered a compromise. They've offered to set up schools specifically for Squibs, where they can learn about the magical community, and also receive a standard education too. The Squibs have shut down this idea, because they think it is unfair and unequal. Tensions continue to rise the longer an agreement fails.

    To top it all off, there are disputes about underage magic. Currently the law requires all witches and wizards to be 17 in order to practice magic outside of school, but many people disagree with such a law. Many people feel like magic isn't practical if it can't be practiced. Some parents also choose to home school their children, which can make it difficult. Right now the Ministry of Magic is debating this rule, but sticklers of the old traditions remain.

    With extremists on both sides, tensions are high, and the threat of a worse conflict is on the horizon.


    Lumos in the Dark is currently set in the fall of 2021. Students attend Hogwarts, while adults have various jobs throughout the wizarding world in the United Kingdom.
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